Disney The Little Mermaid Undersea Treasures

My second Disney project at HitPoint Studios for Microsoft Game Studios.

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A technology demo of SDL2 programming, created for Vermont Code Camp 5.


Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures

A Children’s hidden object game I worked on at HitPoint Studios for Microsoft Game Studios.



A Premier game for Windows 8 I worked on at HitPoint Studios for Microsoft Game Studios.


Shepherd’s Tail

Shepherd’s Tail was my senior project in college where I was a lead programmer.


Kinect Paint

First attempt to make something cool with the Kinect for Windows SDK.

I look Dumb

Fun with Shaders

Demonstration of using GLSL.

Networked Spacewar!

A network multiplayer version of space war.

Game Jam Air Hockey

Two Player touch screen Air Hockey for Windows Phone7.

Super Skull Raver

First attempt at Atari 2600 programming.

Ruin Runner

UDK Mobile Game for the iOS Platform.

Henry Hudson’s Revenge

A 2D Vertical Shooter in XNA with a pixel shader.

Ghandi Tan and Jacked

An XNA 2D plattformer with a built-in level editor.

Siram Peri Goes To Home Depot

Command line Dungeon crawler with a built in editor.


Emergency training program for Massachusetts General Hospital.